Health is not just absence of diseases but the wonderful state where your body, mind and soul are working at their optimum capacity without any fuss. We compromise on almost all these fronts just because we merrily disobey the simple laws governing our eating, breathing, sleeping and exercising etc.


Some do it because they don't care. Some just do not know the rules and some have been taught the rules wrongly. Most of us do not break the major laws, but disobey the minor ones repeatedly.


Nature is unforgiving.  It never forgets or forgives the tiniest mistake. Ignorance of law is no excuse.  It punishes every indiscretion faithfully although the punishment comes years and even decades later. Not only that, it cares a damn whether you are a big shot or not. None is above the law.


The book "Perfect Health in 20 Weeks" enumerates at length what the laws are and then tells you what are the problems that arise when you break them. Once one is familiar with what is causing various problems, it is very easy to apply correctives.


Not only that, it guides you how to undo the damage caused over decades by maintaining strict lifestyle discipline over a period of just 20 weeks.


Talk to anyone and the most common malady he will complain about is stress and tension. It will be rare to find a man or woman who does not suffer from stress. Even kids grumble about this problem. If it is work-related or income-related stress in the case of adults, children are done in by uncertainties and apprehensions regarding their future and studies.

Many think that it is the inescapable consequence of the busy life today. What they conveniently forget is that life is less risky and busy today than in the past. Yet, we are more tense today than half a century ago. It is just that we do not know how to unwind.
Why is that so? Where are we going wrong? That is the subject matter of the author's forthcoming volume, "From Stress to Serenity". It analyses the root causes of the problem and then tries to offer solutions step by step. The remedies are simple, practical and easy to follow, which even a child can implement. Technical jargon has been consciously avoided, lest the volume reads like a textbook.

The book has grown out of more than three decades I have spent teaching Holistic Healing to thousands of students. I have noticed that most of the people suffer far more than what the gravity of a problem demands. That is because they have never been able to train themselves to minimise their suffering. This book may come to their aid.

There are many factors which contribute to stress. All those cannot be removed in a day. The transformation from stress to serenity is a long-drawn out process. So, one has to proceed one step at a time. That is why chapters of the book have been kept exceptionally short. You can read these in a jiffy if you want, reflect on these and then act on these one by one at leisure. But I would rather recommend quite the opposite.

This is not a book which should be read cover to cover in one sitting. You will be missing out many vital points this way. I suggest you go through just one chapter on a particular day and then devise your own strategy to incorporate the suggestions given in that particular chapter into your everyday life. You can go to the next chapter the following week. This way, the reading part will take only a few minutes; leaving you with more time to ruminate over it and, then, to implement it. Believe me, results will be better this way.

The impact of stress on one’s health is greatly commented on. What is not so widely known is the effect of one’s health on one’s mental condition. This is the less-travelled route we will be taking to solve our emotional problems: a healthy mind in a healthy body.
We think -- erroneously -- that stress is all in the mind. Actually, the body and the mind are two sides of the same coin. Put differently, it is something like electro-magnetism. Wherever one is present, the other is bound to be there. If one has to conquer stress, one has to begin at the beginning, by taking care of one’s health. Conquering one’s emotions comes only later. The book makes many such unconventional suggestions to triumph over an inevitable by-product of modern living.

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