Holistic Healing Course

Aches, pains and diseases have become an integral part of modern life. A majority of people suffer from headaches, migraine, sinus, blood pressure, neck pain, backache, diabetes, stress, joint ache and what not, that too from a very young age. Then there are emotional problems too. They spend a fortune on getting treatment, but the relief is only temporary.
Medicines are not at fault. These happen to be lifestyle problems, which cannot be eliminated till we change our day-to-day life. 
The Holistic Healing course explains in detail what the root causes of the ailments are and how to remove them. It helps students in tackling:
* weight problems 
* mood and energy swings
* brain fog, lack of concentration
* food allergies
* fatigue during the day
* reliance on stimulants like caffeine
* cravings for sugar and carbs
* pimples, rashes, dry skin and other skin issues
* frequently under the weather
* nutrient deficiency
* chronic illness
* diseases like sinus, backache, blood pressure, spondylitis, anemia, skin problems, piles, diabetes and joint pain etc.
* emotional difficulties like stress, lack of motivation, depression or aggression.
This comprehensive module trains participants in modifying their lifestyle in accordance with the principles of Ayurveda and naturopathy. Many secrets of Yogic Sciences, diet and nutrition, proper breathing and meditation are revealed in an easy-to-follow manner.
The following is the subject matter of the Holistic Healing course: (The list is for general information and is always modified in accordance with the health profile of the participants.)
1. Why do we fall ill and suffer aches and pains
2. How we aggravate these problems
3. Can diseases be predicted and prevented
4. Can these be cured without medical intervention
5. Role of what we eat
6. Principles of Hippocrates, the father of western medicine
7. Common factors in western and other medicines
8. Our body never forgets, never forgives
9. Warning signals that we ignore
10. Extra weight is BAD.
11. What constitutes our total weight
12. Consequences of emotional eating
13. What is the right way to eat
14. How wrong eating methods turn even healthy food into poison
15. How not to go on a binge
16. How to control cravings without even trying
17. Our amazing digestive system
18. What does the digestive system expect from us
19. The effect of poor digestion on the rest of the body
20. Foods that ruin digestive system: the five white snakes
21. How we turn dietary heroes into murderers
22. The significance of gut bacteria
23. Is appendix really a useless vestigial organ?
24. How to clean up the clogged colon the healthy way
25. Putting fibre to good use
26. Invaluable anti-oxidants that we forgot
27. How we overburden the pancreas and fall in the insulin trap
28. Are carbohydrates really bad
29. All grains are not born equal
30. Rice is not the villain
31. Legumes, Lentils (Dal) and how to get the most out of them
32. The protein paradox
33. The chemistry of joint pains
34. How to tackle uric acid
35. Milk and health
36. How we ruin milk products
37. Sensitivities of a compromised digestive system
38. Foods to avoid when you are sick
39. Beware of salads
40. Dressing plays havoc
41. Home food versus business lunches and party dinners
42. When to eat gig, medium and small meals
43. Role of water in your well being
44. How much water is too much
45. Water myths and reality
46. What type of water to avoid
47. Flushing out the toxins
48. Role of lemon, Indian gooseberry (amla) and other herbs
49. Alcoholic drinks
50. Aerated drinks
51. Tea and coffee: the right way
52. Do energy drinks really energise
53. Importance of exercise
54. How much exercise is too much and too little
55. Best time to exercise 
56. Why do we not do it
57. Is Yoga the panacea
58. Yoga is not just asanas
59. The FAST way to maintain strength, speed and flexibility
60. Mandatory regularity
61. Muscles and blood circulation
62. Sleep: how much and when
63. Role of dopamine
64. Effects of breaking the circadian rhythm
65. The pH balance
66. Food combinations
67. Maintaining the right ratio
68. Consequences of disturbing the equilibrium
69. Gut bacteria 
70. Thyroid and liver
71. Is sugar the culprit?
72. How much is safe? What about the fruits that are naturally sweet?
73. What causes depression and what to do about it
74. Significance of serotonin and endorphin
75. Calorie confusion
76. Weight loss: Gym or dieting?
77. How often to eat and what
78. Breath of life
79. Right way to breathe
80. Meditation: optional or compulsory
81. Meat: pros and cons
82. Vegetarians and protein deficiency
83. What to do about Vitamin B-12 if you don't eat meat
84. Stress and health
85. What does diarrhoea signify
86. Smoking kills
87. How to safeguard your lungs
88. Drinking and liver
89. How much should we eat
90. Portion sizes
91. Terrible role of advertisements in food choices
92. Heart do’s and don’ts
93. ENT care
94. Immediate, short-term, medium term and long-term consequences of lifestyle mistakes
95. Fasting: good or bad
96. Dangers of dieting
97. How to revive your body in a matter of 30 days
98. The French paradox
99. Confusion about oils and fats
100. Ghee and butter: good or bad?
101. The Mediterranean diet
102. Detox: pros and cons
103. How we misread the body signals
104. Guided meditation
105. Questions and answers session


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