Inhale steam 2-4 times per day by leaning over a bowl of boiling hot water or using a steam vaporizer with a towel over the head and bowl to prevent the escape of the steam.

Prepare a mixture by adding one eyedropper of 3% hydrogen peroxide, one pinch salt, one pinch baking soda, and purified water. Shake well. Put a little in each nostril and keep in there awhile, making faces to move it around, move head, etc. to move it around.

Chop up two or three cloves of garlic. Put in small cup and cover with about 40 drops of water, let it stand (10-15) min's so the water can absorb the oils from the garlic. Put 20 drops in each nostril.

A decoction of mustard seed powder and water, instilled in the nostrils gives relief.

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