Peeyush Agnihotri

Holistic healing through exercise and diet

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October 14, 2011


Pills are passé. More and more Canadians are focusing on preventative forms of holistic healing rather than the conventional pharmaceutical style of therapy. Such holistic healing therapies &m...

Ishank Gupta


Respected Guruji,




My story begins like this:

Since childhood i used to pray to God and ask for a lot of wishes . And every day i used to think that one day he’l send someone , an angel who will do the magic and make me happy.


It was a long wait before one day , when i finally see the light . It was very interesting how i came to know about y...

Ram and Seema Chugh

Dear Guru Amar Ji:
We feel fortunate and blessed in having known you. Taking the first course with you created a new awareness within us about healthy eating and healthy living. My wife Seema and I had read  a great number of books and listened to many lectures on healthy eating before we met you.  We were reluctant to take your course assuming that there was nothing more to learn. We thought we had good eating habits and ate the right kind of foods.


Rohit and Vinita Grover

Hi, We are Rohit and Vinita. We met Guru Ji on recommendation of Pawan Sir, who is the tennis coach of my two sons nearly 4 years ago. Since then, there is a tremendous positive change in our lives.

There were some medical problems of ours, which lead us to him. I was having a fatty liver for the last almost 8 years and my SGOT and SGPT levels were as high as 10 times then normal. Vinita was also suffering from Thyroid, Varicose Veins, and high blood pressure. I was wei...

Adarsh Suri

The general belief is that fat people are merry-go-lucky type guys who laugh a lot and are fun to be with. If you believe me, nothing could be farther from the truth. If at all they laugh, it is to hide their pain and embarrassment.

I am saying all that from my personal experience. I was 106 kg at the age of 38 and had contracted all the diseases associated with obesity. In public, indeed I behaved as if I was totally carefree, but the spectre of blood pressure, diabete...

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