Spirituality has been long misconstrued to be religiosity.  It is anything but that.  Whether it is the followers of Sufism, Bhakti movement or the Sant-mat, they all debunk rituals and advocate looking within to find the divinity hidden there. As advised by Kabir, Amar Chandel believes in pure humanism and universality of spirit.


For him, an ounce of practice is weightier than a tonne of theory. How one is to lead one's life and what one has to do for becoming privy to mystical experiences can only be learnt through the Pir-o-Murshid relationship, or its vedantic equivalent of guru-shishya bonding.


Myths and Reality

Reasons Behind Our Religious Practices


Paradox of Illusion & Reality in Spiritual Domain

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Ek Ram Dashrath ka beta

Ek Ram ghat ghat mein leta

Ek Ram ka sakal pasara

Ek Ram inhu se nyara


Just as Ram has  multiple dimensions and meanings, Ramayan also unfolds at various levels. Its a fascinating story even for the lay reader. But as one delves deeper into this ocean, one finds more and more treasures and interpretations. Here are a few gems that I have been lucky to lay...

Cycle of Time

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The Gita is not just a holy book but a practical step-by-step guide to Life. This "operating manual" of existence is as relevant today as it was millennia ago.  Anyone who wants to lead a peaceful, contented life has only to put this set of advice into practice. A casual reading may make one apprehend that the ideals that it espouses are difficult to attain but as one implements these one by one, a miracle takes place and the upward journey gathers increasing momentum. In an...

Discourses on Kabir

Masters like Kabir, Farid, Amir Khusrau and Bulleh Shah had one thing in common: they experienced reality first hand, and then shared its magnificence with true seekers. They masked their exalted status in extreme humility but their brilliance shines through like a million suns.


 Having seen the Truth in its full glory, they are dismissive of ritualistic religion and exhort seekers to go for the essence. Their creed was true love for the Creator and His cr...

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