Discourses on Kabir

Masters like Kabir, Farid, Amir Khusrau and Bulleh Shah had one thing in common: they experienced reality first hand, and then shared its magnificence with true seekers. They masked their exalted status in extreme humility but their brilliance shines through like a million suns.


 Having seen the Truth in its full glory, they are dismissive of ritualistic religion and exhort seekers to go for the essence. Their creed was true love for the Creator and His creations. Using everyday similes,  they propagated profound philosophy whose reach and range are mind boggling, to say the least.


  Having tasted the nectar of reality during the intense periods of ecstasy of love, these masters make available to humanity glimpses of a universe beyond the pale of human mind. Guru is God for them. Love becomes worship for them and worship turns into the means to merge into the Ultimate.

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