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Build Your Workforce Into A Sharp & Relentless Army Of Achievers

The most important resource of a business are its people. Healthy people aid in creating and maintaining a healthy business. With employee wellness taking the foreground in todays corporate world, the Corporate Wellness Program is the perfect solution for improving physical, mental and emotional health.

The Holistic Healing Program not only protects/heals people from most lifestyle diseases which plague us today (Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Obesity, Thyroid etc), but also stress, which is one of the biggest factors of burnout amongst employees in today’s volatile environment.

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About Our Founder

The Corporate Wellness Program is conducted by Haryana Ratna award winner Mr. Amar Singh Chandel, who has been practicing integral yoga, naturopathy and holistic healing for 50 years. Mr. Chandel has traveled to over 30 countries to help thousands of people/students.

By sharing his knowledge, he has helped people get rid of common, deadly and also incurable chronic diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, tumors and even cancer. All this just through lifestyle improvements.

Emotional and mental wellness is closely linked to physical wellness. Physical healing aids mental and emotional strength which inturn helps manage stress.

Author of three hugely popular self-help books.

As an Author
Perfect Health in 20 Weeks
Stress to Serenity

Mr Chandel has devoted his life to learning and teaching advanced techniques of Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation – effective antidote against modern day stress and tension.

His personal regimen is a living testament to the saying

'Jaisa ann, vaisa tann, vaisa mann'


Weight management and natural enhancement of the body's capacity to heal itself are his specialty.

He combines millennia-old yoga practices with state-of-the-art nutrition research to increase the body's immunity manifold.

He lectures on subjects like ‘health for busy professionals’ in colleges university and reputed organizations all over the world

Weight Management


Hippocrates, the father of western medicine, was equally emphatic that all diseases begin in the gut. That’s why he famously said

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food
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As you would have experienced, when you're in the peak of healt, problems are less challenging to deal with and you're high on energy and focus.

The program will help ensure:

- Dependable health of employees
- They carry rock-solid team spirit.
- Improved productivity, efficiency & creativity.
- Better work culture
- Passionate & joyfull living
- Focused approach

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- Enhanced decision making through clarity of thought and observation

- Improvement in physical health leading to increas edenergy and focus

- As overall wellness improves, so does confidence and resilience

- All this in their professional as well as personal lives. You’d want them to take this home, and not the stresses of business.

And this miracle is not wrought by MR. CHANDEL, but by you!

The only wall between you and your health is lack of information.

Once you fill in the gaps, you can marvel at the phenomenal capacity of your body and mind to restore its health and happiness.


Here is to a Happier, Healthier you and your business.

The Holistic healing program enhances Leadership, Creativity & Management Skills. It aims at an all-round development of personality. The program also trains one to conquer Stress, Procrastination, Low Spirit & Lack of Confidence.
Like time, health is an asset that should be appreciated before it is gone. There is no better time than now to start living healthy. After all, a fit, healthy body is the best way to live life fully, both personally and in work.

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