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Wellness Coach Holistic Healing

Amar Singh Chandel


Wellness Coach Amar Chandel comes from an erstwhile ruling family where for generations they have lived and practiced ancient Vedic way of life based on fundamentals of Ayurveda and Naturopathy. He combines this ancient legacy with the cutting edge medical research of today to come up with an all-encompassing formula for health, harmony and happiness. This is the key for longevity and leading a disease-free life even in today’s stress filled and toxic living. He has been imparting this unique knowledge by encapsulating it all in easy-to-follow courses.
By following his guidelines people have cured themselves of acute and chronic diseases without the use of medicines irrespective of age or the nature of the ailment. He runs a haritable clinic and diagnostic lab for indigent people in his native village and also organizes health camps all over the area. There are many sides to his personality and the more one learns about him, the more one understands his depth of thought and horizon of vision.



We never fall sick; we invite illness by defying the principles of Holistic Living on which the body functions. This “defiance” is not deliberate but because there is lack of awareness about how a human body maintains and heals itself naturally. This book is the manual for the human machine; needed by all to function optimally.

It employs all healing methods, natural remedies, alternative therapies and alternative medicines to get full benefits from vegan food and healthy diet for weight loss and disease-free living. It guides you on how to turn your everyday food into natural supplements. It debunks myths on cholesterol, salt consumption, dairy products etc. It also acts as a guide to combat the effects of modern-day malaises like insecticides, pesticides, chemicals and pollution.

Holistic Healing Courses


For Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Growth.

Basic Healing Course

Open Your Path to Mystical World of Divine Love, Spirituality & Meditation With Amar Chandel

  • Weight Management
  • Immunity Enhancement
  • High Energy Living
  • Get rid of chronic health issues like blood pressure, diabetes and obesity, etc through this lifestyle modification program.
  • Overcome emotional difficulties like depression, mood swings, sensitivity and anger.
  • One-to-one guidance on any physical and emotional problems.
  • Learn basic meditation to embark on the journey of the mystical world.
  • Lifelong guidance on health, nutrition, and meditations
  • Participants also get personal guidance on their health issues.

Holistic Healing Course Classes can be taken in two ways

1. In-person classes at Chandigarh
2. Online classes on Zoom

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