How My Diabetes & Skin Problems Got Vanished?

Guru Ji pranam. I did the Holistic course in August 2021. I have been a diabetic for over 25 years, have kidney issues and as a result had severe skin issues. I did my first 12 days Holistic course and didn’t know what to expect. Being a diabetic person I was not even sure if […]

I Saw A Significant Change In Severe Knee Pain

Shri. Amar Chandel Ji was introduced to me by my former colleague and friend Dr. Puneet Sindhwani, a renowned medical doctor and educator. At the time of being introduced, I suffered low energy, knee pain that prevented me from jogging, and overweight with a body mass …

I Used To Feel Tired & Unmotivated Before I Met G

The “BEFORE” picture you see is me before I met G in 2019. The symptoms I had were “tired”,
“unmotivated”, “clueless” as to why I have no energy, and tons and tons of questions about WHY
I felt the way I did. For reference, I was 6 months postpartum with twins.

You Are A Source Of Great Motivation & Inspiration

My story begins like this: Since childhood i used to pray to God and ask for a lot of wishes . And every day i used to think that one day he’l send someone , an angel who will do the magic and make me happy.It was a long wait before one day , when i finally see the light .

Cured Fatty Lever, Thyroid & High Blood Pressure Without Medicines

Hi, We are Rohit and Vinita. We met Guru Ji on recommendation of Pawan Sir, who is the tennis coach of my two sons nearly 4 years ago. Since then, there is a tremendous positive change in our lives. There were some medical problems of ours, which lead us …

Reduced My Weight From 106 kg to 74 kg in 6 1/2 months

The general belief is that fat people are merry-go-lucky type guys who laugh a lot and are fun to be with. If you believe me, nothing could be farther from the truth. If at all they laugh, it is to hide their pain and embarrassment. I am saying all that from my personal experience. I […]

Holistic Approach For Anger & Stress Management 

This is my 6th year after doing the holistic healing course with G in 2016, I can’t express the feeling of how good my body felt everyday. I’ve never had or felt any medical issues other than my weight was constant post my son’s birth and wasn’t reducing at all. The holistic healing course hasn’t […]

High BP Used to Give Me Stress And Sleepless Nights

It was in July 2021, one day I had a severe headache which lingered on to 3 days ,it forced me to visit a doctor. The moment he heard about my headache and heavy shoulders , he directed the nurse to check my blood pressure…and to my shock it was really high. The doctor was surprised […]

Renowned US Doctor Experienced Life Transformation

I am Board certified internal medicine physician practising in USA since 2000, currently as Hospitalist in Johns hopkins. On a daily basis i treat  patients with life style diseases like coronary artery disease, stroke, Diabetes mellitus, asthma, copd, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia,

My Perspective Towards Food And Exercise Changed

I was introduced to Mr Amar Chandel in 2013 by my father who had already reaped the benefits of being his student since 2007. After I did the Holistic Healing course from Mr Chandel, I got to understand how the body functions and a lot of my myths, which are generally imparted to all …

Prashant Kaushik MBBS Witnessed Reversal Of Coronary Artery Disease

Total reversal of premature multivessel coronary artery disease that was severely symptomatic and refractory to the latest conventional western treatment including a novel ‘stent-within-stent ”Culottes procedure’ performed at the world …

I Was Struggling To Lose Post Pregnancy Weight And Had No Energy

I would like to share my opinion about the holistic course I took from Amar ji. I feel blessed to have done the Holistic course with Amar ji. To me, getting to know him and learning from him has been my life’s biggest blessing. I did a holistic course with G when I was 9 months postpartum […]

My Husband Was Insulin Dependent & My Son Was Overweight

Realizing that the way to my family’s health is through their stomach I joined the holistic healing course. My husband who was insulin dependent and hypertensive not only managed to get off insulin, he got off tablets too. He was also walking 10 to 12 km a day very comfortably…

For 6 Years I Was Taking Medicines For Asthma, Cholesterol & Allergy

It is giving me immense pleasure to mention my short journey with you. Reaching to the course – My niece was telling me about the course since last 4 years, but I was saying that all these things are well known to us and there is no point in wasting time and money, it is […]

Can’t Believe My Weight Reduced To 76 Kgs From 113 Kgs in 6 Months

It was year 2007 , I was recovering from a mild stroke and for official work had to travel to Chandigarh .A dear friend accompanied me , he had spent almost 15 years of his life in Ramgarh and Chandigarh , He had been bragging about Knowing Mr Amar Chandel , his magical powers , […]

Cured My Digestive Issues And Varicose Veins Drastically

I have done a holistic course last year i.e. in July – Aug 2021. Since then I’m trying to follow what I have learned in the course. Besides reducing weight (from 47 to 42 kgs), It has helped me to cure my digestive issues to a large extent. My Varicose veins have reduced drastically. I have also […]

Amar Chandel Ji Came To Our Rescue With Anti Ageing Detox Plan

We got to know about G and the Holistic Living course in 2017. Having tried almost everything – gym, keto diet, dieticians and what not – we were already desperate for any possible solution for the physical and medical issues I was facing at that time. In brief, I weighed 106 kilos in May 2017 […]

I Understood The Real Meaning Of Health And Nutrition

My name is Ami Shah and I am 48 years old. We are a family of four. My husband and I have two children. I did a holistic healing course with dearest Guruji (“G”) about 8 yrs ago and this course has changed my life. Being a pharmacist, I had the impression that I knew […]

Created Awareness About Healthy Eating & Healthy Living

Ram and Seema Chugh We feel fortunate and blessed in having known you. Taking the first course with you created a new awareness within us about healthy eating and healthy living. My wife Seema and I had read a great number of books and listened to many lectures on healthy eating

I Was A Guy Of 18 Dealing With Depression And Wrong Eating

This is Ashish jha from darbhanga, small town in Bihar. First thing first ‘Everything except death can be cured. The more the damage, the harder we have to work to repair it’ These lines by our beloved G should be the hope in lives of millions of people

Autoimmune Disease & Lupus Marks Totally Devastated Me

Dear G, On my 40th birthday i can’t thank you enough for the transformation you brought in me. I am on holistic journey with you from the last 14 months You know so well how devastated I was when I met u …

What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Packaged Food & Sugar

I met Amar Chandel (his students call him G) a year ago. I wanted to learn more about holistic health and took a 3 day class in Berkeley with him. G lives in Punjab and travels the world teaching the holistic way of life.

Everyone Asks If I Take Medications For My Thyroid Problem

Dear Guruji, retired and living in Mexico. It’s only with gratitude I can express what a transformation taking your holistic classes have done for me. Turned 66 years last November and everyone asks if I take medications …

I Was Put On Strong Medicines For My Autoimmune Disorder

At the age of 29, I woke up one morning with swollen feet, unable to walk without excruciating pain. I have a family history of autoimmune disease and that’s what the doctors told me I had — a debilitating, incurable …

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