Perfect Health in 20 Weeks


The book “Perfect Health in 20 Weeks” enumerates at length what the laws are and then tells you what are the problems that arise when you break them. Once one is familiar with what is causing various problems, it is very easy to apply correctives.

Health is not just absence of diseases but the wonderful state where your body, mind and soul are working at their optimum capacity without any fuss. We compromise on almost all these fronts just because we merrily disobey the simple laws governing our eating, breathing, sleeping and exercising etc.

About Book

Some do it because they don’t care. Some just do not know the rules and some have been taught the rules wrongly. Most of us do not break the major laws, but disobey the minor ones repeatedly.

Nature is unforgiving. It never forgets or forgives the tiniest mistake. Ignorance of law is no excuse. It punishes every indiscretion faithfully although the punishment comes years and even decades later. Not only that, it cares a damn whether you are a big shot or not. None is above the law.

This book “Perfect Health in 20 Weeks” guides you how to undo the damage caused over decades by maintaining strict lifestyle discipline over a period of just 20 weeks.

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