Once a person has detoxified his body by following the advice given in the basic course, it is time to strengthen it further by knowing advanced holistic healing course and practicing the finer nuances of diet and nutrition. Having banished the foods and habits that corrode the body, one now erects a magnificent edifice on that strong foundation by extracting full benefits from every morsel that one eats.

To make sure that our body functions at its optimum capacity not only in the young age but all through life, one has to understand the mechanism which provides us strength and sustenance. It is a lifelong quest which can be pursued only if one is fully conversant with the inner working of this fantastic machine.

The advanced holistic healing course makes one privy to the little-known techniques of nurturing the body so that every organ gets bathed in vitality. Not only that, the course simultaneously attempts to improve the mental and emotional well-being. All this is brought about by mindful eating, effective breath control, regular exercise and putting in place a stress reduction mechanism.

Most of our weaknesses and diseases are the result of mistakes that we unknowingly make. The topics covered in the advanced healing course relate to the damage caused by not knowing subtle rules of nutrition which are rarely discussed in public, on the facetious plea that the common man cannot grasp the technicalities. For instance, while everyone is concerned about the glucose level in one’s blood, very few have even heard about the havoc caused by excess insulin.

The basic course is all about banishing those items which eat away our innards. The focus in the advanced healing course is on how to get the maximum strength and energy from the healthy food that now goes past our gullet.

Please note that there should be at least five students for organizing the course outside Chandigarh. Those living in isolated or far off places where it is not possible to form a group of five can do the course online one-on-one through Skype or Face Time video conferencing.

Here are some of the topics that are covered comprehensively in this course,

(The list is only for general information and is always modified in accordance with the health profile of the participants)

  • We love to be fooled in food matters
  • How some live to be 90 despite smoking, drinking, bingeing
  • Food processed to kill
  • Secrets of a healthy life
  • Making detox more effective
  • Restroom do’s and don’ts
  • Crash diets are bound to crash
  • Living healthy is a lifelong commitment
  • Stress and meditation
  • Essential yoga
  • Range of motion exercises
  • Face is the mirror of your health
  • Skincare
  • Role of soap
  • Sunscreen in your kitchen
  • You have a second mind, seriously!
  • And a second heart too
  • Gut flora
  • Probiotics and antibiotics
  • Effects and side-effects of medicines
  • Excess insulin
  • Fat and insulin resistance
  • Psychology of portion size and colour
  • Moderation makes sense only when you are fit
  • Why some people eat way beyond what they should
  • Don’t compound dietary sins
  • Dinner time, audit time
  • Role of potassium
  • How to ensure satiety without overeating
  • 21-day makeover of taste buds
  • Vitamin supplements
  • The excess is as bad as shortage
  • Role of stomach acid in killing germs and producing essential nutrients
  • Calcium and bones. Harsh reality about milk
  • Your optimum weight is not what you think
  • Leptins
  • Cortisol
  • Sunlight and vitamin D
  • Appendix: vestigial part
  • Telomeres
  • The misunderstood protein
  • Why do we have sugar cravings
  • Cholesterol: myth and reality
  • Breathe right
  • Hair care
  • Redesign your toilet
  • Weight thermostat
  • Why we hit a plateau
  • The weight set-point
  • Stress and your arteries
  • Sleep and dopamine
  • Right time to sleep
  • Range of motion exercises
  • What to eat before a workout and after it
  • Root cause of thyroid problems
  • Sun and moon breathing
  • Low-down on fever
  • pH balance
  • How fruit have changed
  • Veggies are your best friends
  • What about insecticides, pesticides etc
  • What we have done to fruit and veggies
  • Exotic versus local produce
  • Cautionary note on juices
  • Significance of soup, salad, smoothies
  • The threat posed by GM crops
  • Use and abuse of salt
  • The reason behind sensitive digestion in super healthy Holistic practitioners
  • The reasons behind ADHD, dyslexia and autism
  • Cut the roots; the tree of diseases will fall on its own
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